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Living in the urban city these days are turning out to be something like survival of the fittest! You cannot afford to look weak and powerless these days, especially when you are walking alone in the road all alone in the night! To feel powerful and have some self-confidence, people undertake boxing, while others take up boxing as a sport or a hobby. Whatever the reason for your ticket to boxing is, we are here to provide you with valuable information regarding boxing like how it will benefit you, what kinds of boxing training programs you should go for and various other information! Consider this website as a Wikipedia on boxing, except this is more informative and loaded with facts that are actually true!

Boxing is mostly an anaerobic sport while a small percentage being aerobic and is characterized by short but high intensity bursts of activity! Boxing is basically like a bunch of different plyometric exercise!

To start boxing, you need to tone and strengthen your arms, abdomens, legs, chest, neck and shoulders while at the same time requires a lot of stamina! To get to the desired results, there are a large number of boxing training programs depending on your body type, stamina and strength!

If you are a little over weight, you should choose a program that concentrates more on cardio and exercises to lose weight! If you think you have low stamina and strength, take up the boxing training program that features intense levels of cardio and weight training. In the end, what kind of boxing raining programs you will have to join depends entirely on the physical aspects of your body and your ability to endure!

As mentioned earlier, boxing requires a lot of exercises and the sport itself is a bunch of plyometric exercises combined! We all know that plyometric exercises are really good to lose weight and get you in shape! Boxing training program helps you to strengthen your muscles without adding mass to them while at the same time toning your body and burning a lot of calories!

If you are already pursuing boxing training programs and you have been so for a while, then you must consider jumping into more intense boxing training programs which will help you work on your agility, skills, endurance levels and punching power! Practice makes a man perfect as they say! You must practice regularly after u have chosen the boxing training program that you and your trainer have found out to be right for you! Becoming a better boxer is entirely dependent on your grit and determination!

Doesn’t matter If you are a newbie in the boxing arena or if you have been boxing for a living, we will be providing constant, well researched and professional tips and information for all kinds of boxers about various boxing training programs, help you keep in shape, guide you to become a better boxer and about how you can help protect yourself in this cruel world!

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